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Your ancillary fees have changed

Being a member of our university community is more than just attending classes. Learn more about the changes to your ancillary fees.

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Get prepared to register

Registration is fast approaching—make sure you’re prepared!

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Confirm your year level

Your year level for registration purposes may differ from the number of years you have attended the university.

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Bring your own device announcement banner

Technology-Enriched Learning Environment (TELE) changes for 2019-2020

Three more faculties to join the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) TELE model.

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Emergency Contact Information Update Notifiction

Update your emergency contact information

Please take a few minutes to verify that your emergency contact, address and telephone numbers are all accurate.

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Office of the Registrar

Top Questions

  • Which ancillary fees can I opt out of?

    The select fees you can opt out of go toward your Student Union, clubs and societies, on-campus events, and the refugee sponsorship program. You can view a complete list of ancillary fees, including the fees you can opt out of.

  • How can I update my emergency contact information?

    Your safety is important to us. Please take a few minutes to verify that your emergency contact, address, and telephone numbers are all accurate. Log in to MyCampus and update your personal information under the Helpful Links section on the right-hand sidebar.

  • When can I register for spring/summer courses?

    A tentative course listing is currently available on the MyCampus login page. The official preview of available courses for the spring/summer semester will be available starting Wednesday, March 13. Registration will begin in April, with courses beginning on Monday, May 6 for six-week spring session and 12-week summer sessions, and on Monday, June 24 for six-week summer sessions.

  • How can I apply for OSAP funding for the spring/summer semester?

    Full-time students (60 per cent course load or greater): Once you have registered for your spring/summer courses, come by the Office of the Registrar and complete an OSAP Summer Extension form with the Information and Client Services team to extend your OSAP funding to include the spring/summer semester.

    Part-time students: Once you are registered for your spring/summer course(s), log in to your OSAP Portal and apply for part-time OSAP funding. Contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid office if you require any assistance.

  • When is my tuition due for the spring/summer semester?

    Tuition for six-week spring session and 12-week summer semester fees are due on Friday, May 10. Six-week summer session semester fees are due by Monday, June 24.

  • I can't see the general bursary application anymore—what options are currently available?

    We understand that university can be expensive—our Student Awards and Financial Aid team are here to assist you with your funding options, including bursary applications. The deadline to apply for the Winter General Bursary has passed; however, if you are having short-term financial problems or critical financial emergencies, please contact us to discuss your university finances with one of our counsellors.

  • When does registration for the fall and winter semesters open?

    Registration for the fall and winter semesters will open at the end of June. You will be sent further communication to your UOITnet account regarding registration closer to this time. The course preview will become available by mid-June, so you can begin planning your schedule prior to course registration.

    As always, check the Undergraduate tab of MyCampus for updates as they become available.

    If you are a graduate student, you will receive an email to your UOITnet account with registration instructions and dates. Please contact the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies with any questions about graduate registration.

  • When does the OSAP application for the fall and winter semesters open?

    The OSAP application for the 2019-2020 academic year will open in April. If you are returning to school and received OSAP last year, you still have to fill out an OSAP application for this academic year. If you are new to OSAP, you can register online for an OSAP account.

  • What year level am I considered to be?

    Year level is based on the number of credit hours that you have successfully completed, which can be different than the number of years that you have actually attended the university. Your year level is found on your verification of enrolment letter.

  • How can I get a verification of enrolment letter?

    If you need a verification of enrolment letter for RESP purposes, banking institutions, study permits, etc., you can print one from MyCampus, under the Undergraduate tab. Look for the verification of enrolment letter link on the right-hand sidebar, under Student Records. You may use these letters in place of the forms that require the university’s stamp and signature, as they are considered official for this purpose. Note: Verification of enrolment letters cannot be provided prior to course registration.

  • How can I book a financial aid appointment?

    You can request an appointment by calling our office at 905.721.3190.