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Tuition and fees

You will notice there are fees on your account other than tuition costs. All of these fees are approved by both the UOIT Board of Governors and the UOIT Student Union. 

Let's break down your tuition!

Your tuition consists of registration, compulsory ancillary fees and compulsory flat fees. There are three things that can impact what you are charged:

  • Year of study
  • Program of study
  • Domestic or international student status

Compulsory ancillary/Flat fees

Your account is charged by the semester and broken down per course you register in. The compulsory ancillary fees are charged per credit hour every semester.

Flat fees can be charged once per year in the fall semester or when a student is admitted to the university, or split between the fall and winter semesters.

Course- and program-specific fees

Course- and program-specific fees may be charged to your student tuition account for the cost of course materials, internship/co-operative education, placements and memberships.

Miscellaneous and administrative fees

Miscellaneous fees or administrative fees are fees for service and may be charged to your student tuition account as a result of a request or action made by you.

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